Welcome to the Institute of Progressive Education and Learning (i-pel) website. This website was designed and written to support our education research & analysis programs and implementation activities. For a look at our current projects go to i-pel Projects. Our K-12 education services, Our Services, will evolve in support of these objectives as well.

The site is a precise look at the evolution of K-12 education. With over 50 categories and over 600 images it is a helpful contemporary reference and resource for curriculum developers, publishers, educational game designers, school administrators, teachers, parents and students. As a definitive work this website contains a wealth of information about the K-12 education industry as well as helpful links to other source material and educational organizations (see Resources). Our Articles section contains many published articles which are related to our education categories and our i-pel blog section contains i-pel original articles and reader comments.

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Some of the features of the site are a look at the Common Core Initiative and it’s implementation as well as the new K-12 Assessment, K-12 Curriculum, K-12 Textbooks , K-12 Teaching, and K-12 Teacher Training. An entire section of this site is dedicated to eLearning including Contemporary eLearning, Entertainment Engagement-based eLearning, Interactive eBooks, eLearning Technology in the Classroom, K-12 On-line Education and K-12 For-Profit Online Schools. Of particular focus are the implementation the of K-12 curriculum and the progressive delivery methods (see K-12 Learning and Teaching Platforms) necessary to bring the Common Core’s vision to reality. Our interactive Education Forum is designed to facilitate an active discussion about the issues that surround today’s progressive K-12 education and our Student Commentary provides and outlet for the opinions of who we are doing this for, the students.

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