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American Association of school Librarians (AASL)  information for those interested in becoming school librarians

American Library Association (ALA) for creative thinking, problem-solving, and information literacy skills is growing. How you can help your child succeed in this changing global economy

ASCD ( is a non-profit resource for teachers, administrators, school boards, parents and students

Comparitech ( Knowing where to look when diving into the deep end of the web is the first, and probably most important step you should take before starting anything else. While the deep web is almost infinitely vast when it comes to the amount of information you can find, unlike what most people are used to when searching for something in Google, all of that data isn’t centralized. This means for as many different subjects you can think of (academia, business, economics, etc), there are an equal number of search engines designed to dive into the deep web archives of those particular subjects.

K-12 Academics ( has over 100+ national and international education directories and 450,000+ pages of educational content for educators, administrators, parents and students. Since 2004, we are one of the most respected, recognized and trafficked education sites in the United States

K-12 Internet Resource Center ( is a student support services and activities site ( Brought to you by, is the official kids’ portal for the U.S. government. We link kids, parents and teachers to U.S. government information and services on the web from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to kids motivational learning levels.

ParentFurther ( a Search Institute resource for families

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) (www.pta.orgoverall purpose is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children by working in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed-upon goals and to promot children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement

ParentSquare (www.parentsquare.comWe started ParentSquare because a solution was needed for parents. In today’s ed-tech world, there are many tools focused on the school, teachers, students and the PTA/ PTO – school management systems, student information systems, learning management systems, newsletter tools etc. – but nothing for parents! As a parent, there is a confusing array of disparate one-way information sources that only keep parents as spectators

U.S. Department of Education ( Various ways are provided that will assist in building capacity for parents, families, and communities to fulfill the vision of the Secretary that every parent be a partner in learning and share in the responsibility of their child’s education