Tenth Grade Financial Literacy Project

Why should students wait until they are out of high school to learn about consumer finance? Some people say that this is the job of the parents but too many students get no such guidance from their families. This high school curriculum will teach tenth graders all the pracConsumer Finance #4tical consumer applications they will need in their adult lives including how to open a bank account to start saving now and how to establish credit, use it, and keep it positive. Also a look at college/tech school finance will help them get an idea of what they are in for regarding college and tech training debt.  One of the best features of this program will be to teach the student about consumer math including shortcuts in mentally calculating approximate interest rates and payments. We figure the tenth grade is a good time for this course as the student prepares for college or adult work careers. Opening a bank account

  • Opening a bank account
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Opening and managing a retirement account
  • How to rent an apartment
  • How to buy a car
  • How to finance college/tech school
  • How to buy a house
  • How to budget living expense
  • How to use consumer math

STATUS: Grant proposal in development