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Other than original content this site was constructed  entirely from information sourced on the internet. The internet is such an amazing resource and is right up their with the invention of the “wheel” and” flight” as an innovation that truly impacted the evolution of mankind. i-pel contribution was to edit this information and present it in such a way that maximizes reader benefit. The hours and hours of work that went into the making of this resource was, and is tempered by the fascination of the “search” for just what’s “out there.”

One might ask the question, “if it can be found in Wikipedia why include it?’ Why not just refer the reader to the Wikipedia page? By pulling, editing and ordering the Wikipedia (and other) content the reader is informed in a manner that is related, focused and in an order that informs with the least amount of distraction.

Most of the data gathered for this website has been word processed and arranged in such a manner that it provides a progression of information. For example, Wikipedia may have several sites with the same information. The information in several of these sites has been combined with repeated information on the same subject eliminated. This has resulted in a seamless flow of related information as well as a way of double checking facts for accuracy.

We owe a great deal to Wikipedia for the information in this website. Wikipedia is a fantastic online information resource for all kinds of subjects. They are an ad free website and rely solely on donations – so if you can, donate to them. All information used from Wikipedia is credited.

I would also like to thank our webmaster Wayne Rudy of Wayne Rudy Enterprises. This site is a “data gorge” and there is no way we could have gotten this site up and as “consumer friendly” as it is without him. We highly recommend his services. Thanks, Wayne.