School Facilities Analysis & Applications


Because most school district cannot justify a full-time employee to act as project coordinators i-pel provides cost effective construction analysis and consultation services to school districts for new construction, modernization, career technical education facilities and charter school facilitates projects. As project coordinator i-pel acts as a liaison between the school district and all third-party participants including all local permitting agencies and state regulatory agencies including the departments of public school construction, architecture and education. If the construction grant requires a local contribution of matching funds i-pel will work with the school district to coordinate and liaison between the grantor and the participating stakeholders. Coordination services include but are not limited to:

  • Coordination of a district-wide facility master plan including priority identification
  • General district operating budget and the capital budget facility use analysis
  • Construction grant program identification and school district eligibility
  • Planning & Budgeting coordination
  • Local and State application preparation and submission
  • Matching fund stakeholder coordination and liaison
  • Project tracking and reporting from the design phase to receipt of the final certificate of occupancy

Programs include:

  • New Construction Program
  • Modernization Program
  • Career Technical Education Program
  • Charter School Facilities Program
  • Emergency Repair Program
  • Facility Hardship Program
  • Joint-Use Program
  • Overcrowding Relief Grant Program
  • Seismic Mitigation Program
  • Solar and Weatherproofing Program
  • Unused Site Program

Piner High School in Santa Rosa, CA is a good example of an effective coordination between all stakeholders.  Jeffrey M. Vincent Liz S. Jain (2015) “Going it Alone: Can California’s K-12 School Districts Adequately and Equitably Fund School Facilities?”  is an excellent paper on the facility under funding of California school; and an overview of California’s Prop 51 can be found as an attachment to this section.