The i.pel Difference

Whether your students are falling behind or advanced, i.pel identifies the available resources necessary to accommodate each student’s unique needs in an environment in which they will thrive. Programs will be able to be used in combined teaching & Learning platforms in which online courses and the traditional classroom environment will be supplemented with motivational elements; lab setting; or a complete virtual experience.Students - Happy

Implementation of an i.pel identified program can revolutionize the education process by providing digital content and professional development to transform classroom instruction into an immersive experience that inspires students to participate. Infusing a good dose of curiosity and passion i.pel recommended programs impact the way students learn, removing barriers and move beyond paper textbooks to a digital format that will educate through a motivational supplement platform that students will readily embrace. i.pel will meet your school’s Response to Intervention (RTI) needs with accurate reporting and diagnostics. i.pel courses will be ideal for use in:

  • Public Schools
  • Charter Public Schools
  • Virtual Online Schools
  • Homeschools
  • Summer Schools
  • At-risk students programs
  • Remediation programs
  • Alternative school programs