Motivational Professional Development

i.pel promotes quality teacher development designed to enhance student achievement through the use of motivational entertainment education and technology. Using research from state standards i.pel teacher development programs will assist teachers in “crossing the digital-divide” so every teacher will be technologically literate in order to assist student to becoming so before the eighth grade. By improving student development through the use of online and distance learning i.pel will provide programs that help schools meet the goals of Title IID. These programs will enhance the involvement among teachers, students, parents, teacher and administrators through the use of technology.Teacher Training #20

i.pel teacher development courses will be designed to augment state’s Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials. The subjects taught in each K-12 grade level will be related to how technology can enhance these courses. Included in these courses will be how to access student technology literacy and how to technologically differentiate the K-12 classroom. All course content will be aligned with national professional standards and California content and performance standards.

i.pel teacher development programs will be given in one to three day seminars. Seminar topics will include:

Technology in the Classroom

  • Technology Basics
  • Overcoming the Generational Technological Bias
  • Technology and the Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials
  • Motivating Students through Technology Literacy
  • Technology and the Hierarchy of K-12 Teaching
  • Using the teacher/student  interactive Elements
  • The Use of Social Media in the Classroom
  • Technology and Academic Instruction
  • Technology and Technology/Trade Instruction
  • Technology is not an end in Education
  • The Evolving Nature of Technology
  • Finding Quality Technology Materials
  • Cognition & Technology
  • Technology & Classroom Management
  • Using Technology based Assessments to Guide Instruction

Common Core in the Classroom

  • The Common Core Difference
  • Common Core Project-Based (team) Instruction
  • Common Core Curriculum Design
  • Common Core Lesson Planning

Entertainment Education in Curriculum

  • The Use of Entertainment Elements in the Classroom
  • Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

With the advent of educational elements in K-12 curriculum teachers must be prepared to effective use developed programs in the modern classroom. i.pel prepares teachers for incorporating entertainment elements by seamless developing entertainment based curriculum  such as video games, episodic elements, documentaries and graphic literature into the classroom and guides them as to which games are educational and which aren’t.