eLearning II

eLearning is the computer and network transfer of knowledge and skills and includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. eLearning includes web-based learning, computer-based learning, and virtual education. Content comes from the internet, CDs, and satellite TV. It can be either instructor-led or self-taught and is delivered by media such as text, images, animation,eLearning #5 streaming video and audio. E-Learning can also refer to educational web sites such as those offering learning scenarios, worksheets and interactive exercises for children.
The worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $50 billion. Developments in internet and multimedia technologies are the basis of e-learning, with consulting, content, technologies, services and support being identified as the five main sectors of the e-learning industry.

Interactive eBooks

Pedagogical Elements

Early Childhood eLearning Development


Digital Storytelling

Reusability, Standards, and Learning Objects

eLearning Technology in the Classroom

eLearning Hardware

Digital Media Library