K-12 Virtual School Analysis and Development

Analyze all performance data of existing virtual learning programs as to their success profiles regarding student motivation and assessment. The end product will be multiple reports on a broad range of K-12 application measures regarding virtual K-12 education which will lead to the development of a universal virtual K-12 school that will seamlessly blend with and support traditional public and charter schools. This virtual school will be designed specifically to motivate not only K-12 students but also all stakeholders and to be flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes which are now invigorating the K-12 learning environment through innovative education and learning programs.

An adaptive-learning engine will be created that will be capable of providing “personalized learning paths to content mastery” for every student in all subject content. This real-time web-based adaptive-learning system, will work with any learning-management system, and will be capable of helping personalize student learning by collecting data on:

  • Students’ current proficiency
  • Time spent on academic tasks
  • Personal interests, and
  • Other information

This system will create an experience for students that is “seamless, motivational and engaging” and will provide teachers with dashboards of data on student performance in real-time.

As with all i-pel projects and services this project will be guided by Innovationism, an education philosophy which looks to balance existing K-12 education programs, materials and applications through a scaffolding of extrinsic objective and intrinsic subjective elements that facilitates motivation and engagement throughout the learning environment. The goal is to present creative and meaningful content in environments that captivate the imagination of each student in an enjoyable format. If presented in a highly intriguing manner rigor can be fun.

Status: Grant proposal in development