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Innovation Education

Forward & Introduction

Innovation & Education Learning

Innovation Learning Environments

Achievement Motivation & Engagement

Pedagogical Methodology Models

How We Learn & Think

Academic Behavior


K-12 Classroom Praxis Management

Physical Classroom Management


eLearning I

History of eLearning & Interactive Books

Digital Learning

How effective is eLearning

K-12 Virtual Education

K-12 Online Vendors

Personalized/Blended-based Learning

Competency-based Learning

Screencasting & Digital Storytelling

Motivation & Engagement-based eLearning

Education Game-based eLearning


eLearning II

History of Education Technology

Learning Management Systems

eLearning Hardware

eLearning Technology in the Classroom

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Media Literacy

Pedagogical Elements & Reusability Standards

Digital Media Library


K-12 Education I

The Size of U.S. Education

K-12 Public Schools

K-12 Charter Schools

K-12 Administration

The Common Core Initiative

K-12 Education Restructuring


K-12 State Education Programs

K-12 Federal Education Programs


K-12 Education II

K-12 Curriculum

Digital Curriculum

K-12 Standards & Assessments

K-12 Textbooks & Supplements

K-12 Teaching & Learning Platforms

K-12 Teaching

K-12 Lesson Planning with Common Core

K-12 Student Services

Early Childhood Education

A Day in an Innovative 4th Grade Classroom



i-pel Projects

K-12 Virtual School Analysis & Development

Research Project #1: Motivation in K-12 Education

Research Project #2: Re-aligning K-16 Education

Computer Science Workshop

Sixth Grade Child Psychology Project

Eighth Grade Introduction to High School Project

Ninth Grade Health & Psychology Project

Tenth Grade Financial Literacy Project

Motivation Professional Development

The WHATZIT Academy