School Imaging

i.pel provides a branding strategy that promotes a positive school identity.  The re-brand is designed to create a fresh new way to communicate an existing image or to create an entirely new message. The images are designed to promote not only student attendance but also promote the pride students and parents feel for their school. From logo re-design; to contemporary color schemes; to working website redesigns that promote awareness, inter- and intra-school communications and community involvement, i-pel works with concept designer, school administrators, students and parents to develop the overall image and functionality of the school’s image.

Brand Development

The first step is to develop a recognizable brand that reflects and promotes your school. There are a number of key elements to developing a brand including:

  • Logo
  • Layout
  • Color schemes
  • Themes
  • Integration

Support materials such as electronic brochures that convey the image of your school are developed to not only communicate a message but also to work as an integrated multimedia communication device. A good brand development brochure has the “look and feel” necessary to convey a sense of pride and ownership in your school that is intended to attract students through a contemporary promotional platform.