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Contemporary eLearning/Articles

Next to the Book nothing will change education more than digital eLearning


Blended-based eLearning/articles

Blend, Flip, Disrupt

Education needs to be retooled as well

Teachers Flip for ‘Flipped Learning’ Class Model


Entertainment-based eLearning/articles

12 Fascinating ways to use Drama in the Curriculum

A Hip-Hop Experiment

Cartooning Legends Rally to Protect Freedom to Read at CBLDF Benefit Brunch

CBLDF Releases RAISING a READER, a Resource for Parents and Educators

Getting teachers to share nicely

Mississippi Children Learn with Blues Curriculum

New ‘SimCity’ Tries to Link with Schools


Educational Game eLearning/articles

App Smart: Teaching Kids Math

Could we make popular video games like Skyrim more educational?

First Annual National Stem Video Game Challenge

Making the next generation of educational video games

Using Video Games to Enhance Teaching and Learning

When Gaming Is Good for You


Interactive eBooks/articles

Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read?

The Effects of Electronic Books Designed for Children in Education


Early Childhood eLearning Development/articles

U.S. Is Tightening Web Privacy Rule to Shield Young


eLearning Technology in the Classroom/articles

Broadband Backup: Schools struggle to stay connected

Legislators Call For Improved School, Library Internet

L.A. Schools Paying $768 Per Student For IPads

Three Student Successes with iPads

What do teachers want even more than new technology? Training on how to use it


eLearning Hardware/articles

How to Use Technology to Make You Smarter


Digital Media Library/articles

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Launches to Public


Common Core Initiative/article

When the Circus Descends

Four Reasons that Critics of the Common Core should reconsider their opposition

Dispelling 5 Myths About Common Core

What’s happening at the Core

Why is this Common Core Math Problem so hard? Supporters respond to a quiz that went viral


K-12 Learning and Teaching Platforms/articles

Finding Team Players in an iPad Age

How to get a job at Google

NASBE Initiative Delves into Deeper Learning

Need a Job? Invent it

Rigor Redefined

The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired


Early Childhood Education/articles

Study finds income-linked language gap

Early Education Key to Future Work Force

Use Eric to Find Resources about Preschool

What you need to know about President Obama’s Plan to Provide High-Quality Early Education for All Children


Boys and Girls/articles

School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

What Schools Can Do to Help Boys Succeed


Student Commentary/articles

High-stakes Testing

Real-world Skills

What Does it Say?



Why Parenting Is More Important Than Schools


The Progressive Era/articles

It’s P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q.

Public School do Educate


K-12 Testing and Assessment Standards/articles

California May Lose ‘No Child Left Behind’ Waiver Bid

County Schools Prepare for Rollout of new State Tests

Sandy Kress’ STAAR chamber

School Testing Standards to Change

Schools To Get Practice Run At New Math And English Tests

Standardized Tests for Everyone? In The Internet Age, That’s The Wrong Answer

Students to take Practice Version of New Smarter Balanced Assessment in April

The Illusion of the ‘Gifted’ Child

The Importance of Play in Preparing for Standardized Testing

The Wrong Villain: Critics should focus on Race to the Top not on Common Core

Torlakson backs $9B bond for K-12 technology

Why Our Nation Needs Common Standards


K-12 Curriculum/articles

Highlighting Is a Waste of Time: The Best and Worst Learning Techniques

Remember More without Trying


K-12 Textbooks and Supplements/articles

Common Core standards shake up the education business

What Apple is wading into: A snapshot of the K-12 textbook business


K-12 Teaching/articles

Fewer Young People Becoming Teachers; Schools could be Short-Staffed in Years Ahead

Hope and Anxiety: What do Teachers think about the Common Core Standards?

The Graying Of Teachers


K-12 Teacher Evaluation/articles

As state watches, LA Unified tests new ways to grade teachers

Long-neglected law on teacher evaluations rises to forefront

State Sets New Deadline in NYC Teacher Plan Tussle (abstract)


K-12 Teacher Training/articles

Can Twitter replace traditional professional development?

Teacher-training schools under pressure to prepare for Common Core

Too Much Missing From Teacher Training Programs


K-12 Lesson Planning with Common Core/articles

New Standards Mean Lots of Talking—and Even Writing—About Math


K-12 Administration/articles

Hit the Pause Button on Costly Bonds

Organizational Structure of Schools


K-12 State Education Programs/articles

Los Angeles Schools Leader Wants to Slow iPad Rollout

New Education Standards End Rote Learning, Cursive


K-12 Online For-Profit Schools/articles

David Brooks is Wrong About Online Education (abstract)

Media Companies, Seeing Profit Slip, Push Into Education

Sal Khan, Daphne Koller, Anant Agarwal, and the Schools of Tomorrow

The Campus Tsunami