K-12 Episodics


As stated, education video games are the most common form of education engagements but they can only go so far. I.pel will be designing and developing more than education video games we also encapsulate them in comedy/drama like episodes designed to place the subject game in a fictional world of real people.Episodic Nancy Drew #1

Think of episodes of the “Hardy Boys,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Judy Bloom” with multiple tables, sentence outlining and verb conjugating embedded in them. This concept encompasses both traditional cognitive development and project-based learning to take k-12 education to another level.

Since the most immediate experience of the k-12 student is at their schools all i.pel episodic elements originate at the fictitious Creekside Elementary School, Sunrise Middle School and Madison High School. Elementary math courses are embedded in “fund raisers” such as bake sales and charity drives and a fictitious family grocery store. Middle school English is taught through the school newspaper and computer science is taught through a fictitious computer recycling center. High school math is taught through the construction of a new science building on campus and civics is taught through the writing of a school constitution.