The Launch of i-pel’s Website

The Institute of Progressive Education and Learning is proud to announce the launch of its new education website. The purpose of this website is to support our ongoing efforts to give all of America’s K-12 students a useful education.

 Over a year in development and containing over fifty K-12 education categories and almost 600 images is one of the more unique educational sites you will encounter. It was developed as both an information and in-depth research resource for school administrators, teachers, parents, students, curriculum developers, publishers, education writers, education game designers and government officials.

 Our primary focus is the research and development of progressive integrated K-12 academic and tech/trade curriculum. Based on the premise that the immersion of technology into current k-12 curriculum has just begun, i-pel looks to combine the new curriculum standards with the most advanced in-classroom technology. Our goal is to help the K-12 educational community evolve to a point where each day all children look forward to the joy of learning and becoming part of the foundation that keeps America the most advance society in the World.Compas Logo #3

The reasoning for our approach is based on the fact that approximately 7,000 students drop out of the nation’s 100,000 public elementary and secondary schools every day. The U.S. high school completion rate of the nation’s approximate 54 million students enrolled in public and private schools is dropping slightly in real terms, and dramatically relative to other industrialized nations.

Our focus is on educating alternate learning style students, such as the spatial-visual and kinesthetic learning students, and the failing and disenfranchised students. To that end we are looking to develop core curriculums that are progressive in both visual and conceptual learning. Our goal is to make learning fun through original and compelling interactive content and to increase the test scoring required by new Common Core Standards.

In response to today’s evolving K-12 education environment i-pel will be developing not only challenging K-12 programs that meet Common Core standards in Math, English, Science, History, Social Studies and Technology but also creative curriculum in middle school psychology, IT-tech and a middle school look at the high school experience. One of our primary goals is to help the weakest students prepare for testing with innovative learning techniques that reinforce content with interactive activities and entertainment supplements that encourage and reward learning achievement.

i-pel’s “Whatsit” Academy is where all of i-pel’s STEM courses will be taught. The “Whatsit” Academy is a fictional hi-tech, K-12 technical school with real students and teachers. The course chapters will be taught through entertaining episodic elements and the school will have its own culture with student relationships and K-12 every-day problems. Many of the interactive elements will be virtual field trips in the hi-tech real world of computers, robots, artificial intelligence and science fiction.

The “Whatsit” Academy’s first course will be a middle school computer technology curriculum which brings the basics of computer science from college to the middle school. The course literally teaches 10-14 year-old how to be computer technicians.

Our programs will allow teachers to assess student progression in real-time allowing a more efficient education that allows teachers and administrators to monitor student progress. All i-pel content will conform to state standards and will be able to be customized to support any technology platform.

We are a firm believer that the Common Core Standards will work to provide a uniform education to all U.S. students so they can be prepared for an active and participatory adult life. The Common Core program is a continuation of the progressive effort to find ways to provide our nation’s children with a contemporary technology-based education. Our children need it and our nation needs it for them.

Please share this site with anyone you think would benefit from it. Also we welcome any comments or insights that will help improve our website and check in often as we are continually updating the site.

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